We Are SmartMine.

Making data come to life. It’s at the heart of what we do.

Our Work


AvianAudit® is SmartMine’s cloud-based web app that allows both field workers and managers to securely capture, review, organize, and report avian protection data.

Public Lands Inventory

The Public Lands Inventory is a web-based map that allows the public to research the ownership, acreage and use of government-owned public lands in Washington State.

Washington Water Cruiser

The Washington Water Cruiser is a native mobile app that maps all state-owned boat launches and moorage sites open to the public and amenities for boaters at each site.

SmartMine Whale Tracker

The Whale Tracker is SmartMine’s web app featuring live animated ocean and wind currents that tracks multiple whale species as they migrate around Hawaii.

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Our Services

Geospatial Technology 

We are experts at a variety of geospatial technologies. From established mainstream GIS platforms like Esri to emerging Open Source options, we are uniquely capable of supporting your business needs for geospatial intelligence, analysis, and presentation.

UI/UX Design

For every project, our goal is to put people first. Any solution that is not acceptable to its users typically results in a system that is underutilized – or even worse – abandoned. We ensure that our products and solutions are designed with the user in mind throughout development.

Subject Matter Expertise

We work closely not only with your team, but with our scientists and other subject-matter experts who understand the critical details of environmental regulations and reporting requirements to design software specifically for the needs of your business.

Cloud Consulting 

We provide a range of hosting and cloud-based technology consulting services in support of complex data challenges related to managing environmental and business risk.

Data Visualization

Interpreting complex data through visually stunning graphical representations in 2D and 3D with video, multiple data, and map layer overlay capabilities.

GIS and IT Strategic Planning

Helping you create a strategic, scalable, high-level vision of your GIS and information technology infrastructure and developing the right solutions to meet your business needs.

Products and Solutions

Multi-Platform Solutions

Our products offer the latest technology in a range of platforms.  If you have more complex data needs, we also offer full enterprise versions of our software with custom configuration and implementation.

Custom Product Development

We work with your team to design software that meets your specific requirements. We also customize our currently available products, like AvianAudit, an incident management system, depending on the needs of your business or agency.

Flexible Pricing Structures

If you’re seeking low-cost, accessible tools to manage environmental data, we offer cloud-based, hosted solutions that require minimal up-front investment.  Our products are scalable to help meet your budget.

Our first product, AvianAudit, provides clients in the electrical utility industry a secure, reliable and centralized platform to help them comply with federal avian protection regulations. This solution enables organizations to track permitting and compliance requirements, manage incident data and efficiently report to regulatory agencies.

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Meet Our Team.

Our members hail from many different backgrounds. Some are GIS geeks. Others are product developers, entrepreneurs and business developers. We work side by side with biologists, permitting specialists, river engineers and planners who know the real business challenges our clients face every day. And while we have a start-up mentality, SmartMine is backed by GeoEngineers, an employee-owned company with 30 years of success in earth sciences consulting with more than 30,000 projects completed worldwide for public and private clients.